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I love the concept of machine knitting. Creating beautiful garments quickly and easily.

For new machine knitters the concept can be quite different. Most machines are bought second-hand and may need cleaning and repairing before they work. Most books, patterns etc are old and out-of-date. There are few knitting groups meeting across the country and few video recorders to play the old educational tapes.

Fortunately the Internet has provided a resource that is enabling old machine knitters to pass on their knowledge and experience to new machine knitters through groups on FaceBook and on Ravelry.com. There are a few sites that discuss many aspects of machine knitting and there are a number of videos on YouTube that show different machines and techniques.

I have spent a lot of time trying to find simple basic information that would help me to learn how to knit with my knitting machine. I found it difficult to get basic information in one place. So I decided to create my own blog that had all this information in one place.

If you are interested in machine knitting but do not know where to start, this blog is for you. I aim to produce a simple guide that takes you, step-by-step through the process of getting your machine, getting yarn, cleaning your machine, learning the basic techniques and starting to create basic garment. It also shows where you can get help, buy spares and accessories in the UK. More advanced techniques will also be added in the future. Initially the blog will focus upon standard gauge knitmaster/silver reed machines, but will mention others.

In Summary:-

This WickedWoollies site provides a step-by-step Beginners Guide to Machine Knitting in the form of a series of posts. It is geared towards UK users and Knitmaster machines, but a lot of this information can be useful to other nationalities and machines.

The Blog page is where you will find my latest post and all the posts created to date with information, images and links to other relevant sites, videos, online stores etc. You can also share your experiences and ask me questions in the comments section.

My Contents page has been created as an index page and is a quick and simple to access the posts. The posts are divided into sections e.g. Getting Started, Basic Techniques, Basic Patterns.

I do hope that you find this guide useful and look forward to hearing from you.

Carol at WickedWoollies

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